About me

Al Basulto has been doing voice-overs since his days  at a college radio station in Miami. Many years in  both radio and television production as well as singing  and acting have broadened his range from just a  typical broadcasting voice. Born Cuban-American, he  is bilingual being able to affect accents in both English  and Spanish or speaking non accented fluently.  He has voiced a wide range of scripts including  presentations, commercials, short films and he even  MC’d a live wrestling event. He can walk you through  a difficult decision, describe a training manual, tell  you jokes and he even has a group of crazy cartoon  voices. His clients include MTV, Ford, Univision,  JCPenney and Mucinex.  Al is a devoted husband and father, enjoys sports,  lifting weights, and volunteers at his church.  From mild to wild, corporate to chaotic, there is no job  too big or too small for Al Basulto.

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